February 27, 2024
BTS V Elle Korea

BTS Returns

ARMY has responded to images of V appearing on the cover of the Elle Korea magazine. V posted the images from the photoshoot on Instagram on Thursday. He wore a white T-shirt under a denim jacket and trousers in the first picture.

V was featured in captivating images released by Elle Korea showing off his six-pack. The publication released not just one, but three covers for their April edition, all of which featured the K-pop star.

As soon as Elle Korea posted more images of V on their social media pages, hashtags like “V is coming,” “V for Elle Korea,” and others filled Twitter. His intense stare and disheveled hair only serve to enhance the beauty of the image.

He was seen in other images from the photo shoot posing on a bed while wearing a blue denim jacket and white pearls.

BTS V Elle Korea CUT

V was recently named a CELINE ambassador, was also spotted donning items from the CELINE Spring 2023 Menswear line in the recent photo shoot. The company also revealed how V actively contributed ideas for the photo shoot.

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