V JungKook Military Service

As RM, Jimin, Jungkook, and V, begin their mandatory military service in South Korea, V wrote an impassioned letter to ARMY. In a message he shared on Weverse along with pictures and selfies.

V JungKook Military Service

“I will miss you very much,” he said in the post. “Honestly, I regret I will not be able to make happy memories with ARMY for the time being. If it weren’t for that, it’s all fine, but that’s the most difficult. After these long 18 months I will return healthier, so please take care of your health ARMY and find happiness in the day to day. And ‘tada! I’m back’ — I will return.”

All physically fit men in South Korea are required by law to serve 18–21 months. While there are certain exceptions for the top idols in the nation, every member of BTS will complete their duty.

BTS Returns

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