February 27, 2024


BTS Military Service

BTS Returns

All of the members, including Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, who are presently serving their country, supported and bid farewell to RM and V as they discreetly enlisted on December 11 at the Korean Army Training Center in Nonsan. Jimin and Jungkook, who are scheduled to join on December 12, will follow RM and V.

BTS Jungkook V RM Jimin
Jungkook V RM Jimin

All seven members of the group will serve their mandatory time in the South Korean military, as ARMY has known for years.

Tuesday (December 12 2023) was that day. Several members of Army found it to be just as upsetting as they had anticipated to see their favorite bands enlist in the military. After all of the members have served their time in the military, a reunion concert is anticipated.

For those who are just learning, that equates to around 47 million seconds, 13,128 hours, or 547 days from the Dec 12 2023 date that the final members have joined.

In South Korea, an enlistment typically lasts for 18 months. BTS’s management stated last year that the group would reunite “around 2025,” but in the meanwhile, the members of the group might give surprise performances for their fellow troops, similar to what other K-pop celebrities have done while serving in the military.

BTS Military

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