BTS Funko Pop! Proof

BTS Funko Pop! Rocks Bobbleheads with each member wearing the attire from the blockbuster album Proof. Collect all seven and get them back together for a private your musical performance.

J-Hope Funko Pop Rocks

j-hope has an endearing personality,

Jimin Proof Funko Pop Rock

Jimin is VERY kind-hearted.

Jin Proof Funko Pop Rock

Jin is known for his striking visuals.

Jungkook Funko Pop! Rock

Jungkook dances with his body and soul.

Rapper, songwriter, and leader of BTS.

Suga Funko Pop Rocks Proof

He isn’t afraid to strive for big, bold goals.

V Funko Pop Rock Proof

Soulful voice and expressive performances.

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BTS Proof Album

Funko Pop! Rocks Bobblehead Collectables

Prepare to be enchanted as your music collection meets its perfect match with these irresistible Pop! Rocks figures featuring BTS! Introducing the exclusive Pop! Rocks BTS – Proof series, a must-have for any devoted fan. Collect all seven members: RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook. Bring the magic of BTS to life in your collection as each Funko Pop! Rocks figure captures the essence of the beloved group in delightful vinyl form. Standing between 4 to 4.25 inches tall, these figures are crafted with exquisite detail, ensuring they make a captivating addition to any BTS enthusiast’s display. Don’t miss out on the chance to invite the entire BTS crew to grace your collection and stage a performance like no other!

BTS Returns

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