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Suga, whose given name is Min Yoongi, was born in Daegu, South Korea, on March 9, 1993. He gained notoriety as an underground rapper before joining BTS, going by the stage name Gloss.

Not everyone is aware of Suga’s work before BTS, but the idol has been involved in the rap scene for a while, and not always as a member of the well-known boyband. Suga had a love for music before anyone knew who he was, like many other musicians who have achieved success. Suga chose the name “Gloss” because it was pretty close to the meaning of his birth name Yoon-gi, which means “gloss” or “shine.”

BTS Suga Gloss

Suga currently acts as a solo rapper under the moniker Agust D, which is a play on his stage name and a reference to his hometown (D-T), in addition to his work with BTS. Additionally, he produces music under the name “By Suga.”

He said of his various identities, “All three are me,” to GQ Australia. They each occupy a third of me, and none of them are more representative of me than the others. I merely offer folks a choice. Because these three aspects of me are so drastically different from one another, I’m letting people choose how they want to see me.

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